Singers Barbershop House


Aftershave Quartet

Singers Barbershop House
Singer’s House, Madrid
9 abril 2015


Queremos compartir con todos vosotros todo nuestro entusiasmo de una noche de Barbershop antes de la convención nacional En Armonía 2015. Vamos con todo nuestro repertorio en una actuación íntima y de cercanía en la os haremos vibrar con acordes de séptima y quintas disminuidas.

¡¡No os lo perdáis!! El próximo 9 a las 9. ¡¡A ver si podemos ser 99!!

Lava Quartet

LAVA Quartet blossomed into life when four of the members of  Las Encantadas went to SABS’ first Harmony College in 2013. They were heard singing in the stairwell (where else?) and encouraged to carry on singing together by their appreciative audience. Debbie (Bari), Ann (Bass), Kelly (Lead) and Angelica (Tenor) now spend a great deal of their spare time together, as they all have children of similar ages who have learned to tolerate their mothers’ obsession.

LAVA entered their first competition at the SABS Convention in Calpe in 2014, and will be back!

Madrid Rocks!


Following on from the success of the first SABS ‘Sing Harmony in a Day’ course in Mazarrón, two further courses were held last weekend in Madrid to help augment SABS member choruses, The Barbees and Barberidad.

On Saturday, over 50 ladies arrived to take part. SABS President, Gail Grainger, started with breathing exercises and some fun vocal and physical warm-ups, which soon broke the ice. Viva Quartet was on hand for the break-out sessions to help the ladies learn their parts in the song that they would eventually perform to family and friends.

On Sunday, more than 30 men took part, gaining knowledge about the best stance, breathing and vocal techniques to produce a good barbershop sound, performing their song ‘Under the Boardwalk’ to visitors at the end of the session.

Both choruses have gained between 12 and 15 new members and everyone is excited about the future. Our thanks must go to Kara Hickman Martin and Ricardo Leal for their excellent organisation of the event and to Gail and Viva for their energy and help during the weekend.

The highlight of the weekend was a wonderful afterglow at a Belgian bar, close to the Plaza Mayor. «The whole weekend has been a memorable one for us» said SABS Vice President and Viva Bass, Lyn Baines. «We were made to feel so welcome by everyone and we’d like to give a special thanks to our hosts, Virginia and Angel, who opened up their home to us and made us feel like family.»

The next SABS ‘Sing Harmony in a Day’ courses are scheduled as follows:

Saturday, 23 November 2013 – Los Alcázares, Murcia
Saturday, 30 November 2013 – Sao Bras, Algarve, Portugal
Saturday, 22 February 2014 – Costa del Sol
Sunday, 23 February 2014 – Costa del Sol

If you are interested in attending one of these sessions, please contact