Dear Music Teachers (and future Barbershop fans):

You are just a few steps away from receiving the Barbershop Music Guide for music teachers and, with it, 7 songs arranged in this style of harmonisation with their learning audios included.
These tools are ideal for introducing singers of all ages to the art of a cappella music.

The Barbershop of Iberia Association (BIBA) offers programmes to its members and the choral community in general to refine their skills in this speciality.
If you would like to receive timely information about BIBA programmes (Sing Harmony in a Day, Harmony College, Annual Convention “En Armonía”), please tick the appropriate box at the bottom of the form.
Once the form is filled in, a button will appear for a direct download of the Guide and songbook. The file is password protected. You will also receive an email to the email address entered in the form with the password and a link valid for one week to access all the materials.

Any questions about the Guide, BIBA or how to bring barbershop music into your music classroom can be directed to

En armonía,
BIBA Education Department