BIBA Harmony Foundation

The Barbershop of Iberia Association’s Harmony Foundation Fund was established to provide financial assistance to individual members and member organisations, to promote singing in the barbershop style. Individuals may receive financial assistance to attend educational events such as Harmony College, either in Spain or elsewhere; and organisations may apply for help to stage educational events.

The fund is quite small, and the fund managers have a duty to BIBA members to make sure that it is used wisely and to the best effect.

The BIBA Harmony Foundation grants committee shall be comprised of the area vocal reps, the treasurer and one other member of the board. The vocal rep of the region where the applicant is based shall participate in any discussion but must abstain from voting on the approval of funds for that candidate. 

BIBA Harmony Foundation grants shall be approved on a rolling schedule as applications are received. The total funding for any given year shall be established in the yearly budget and be made available on a first-come, first-served basis.


  1. Before applying to BIBA please ensure that you have approached, where possible, local bodies who might be able to give you financial assistance.
  2. Give as much information as possible. Failure to do so may cause delays.
  3. If you are an individual, make sure you have asked your chorus or quartet for financial assistance before approaching BIBA as what you learn will be of benefit to your peers.
  4. If you are a chorus or quartet wishing to stage an educational event, please make sure to include a budget, including all estimated expenses and sources of income. Please indicate clearly how much of your group’s budget is covering the event.
  5. Travel and accommodation costs are not normally included in an award, other than in exceptional circumstances.
  6. When an award is made towards BIBA related costs, this will normally be paid directly to BIBA, unless the applicant has already paid.
  7. Individuals should include a letter of support from either their group, or a full member of BIBA.
  8. Applications should be accompanied by a short letter from the applicant outlining any special circumstances and justifying their application for a grant.

To apply for a BIBA Harmony Foundation grant, please visit the following link: