The Secretary has a variety of responsibilities and acts as a point of co-ordination for the BIBA Board.

  • Maintain all relevant documentation and files relating to both agreements with other Institutions.
  • Maintain all relevant documentation and files relating to the Administrative processes and issues of BIBA.
  • Ensure minutes of all formal meetings and recorded, signed and a copy retained. 
  • Advise members on copyright issues.
  • Arrange for the translation of all important documents for distribution to BIBA members either by  email or publication on the BIBA website.
  • Liaising with Board members, giving support and assistance when necessary.
  • Act as a signatory on the BIBA bank account.
  • Maintain a copy of every financial document relating to the Association 


Please refer to the IRR for exact and only source of truth for timetable for elections

  • Email each BIBA member with IRR procedures, role descriptions and nomination forms, stressing that nominations should be sent to president of the electoral commission.
  • Ensure that the electoral commission is chosen before the election process is started
  • Ensure that details and information of each candidate are uploaded to the BIBA website and that members know where to find that information.
  • Although the call to the A.G.M. is a responsibility of the President, pursue and ensure that the call takes place in the correct dates and ensure and accompanying documents are sent to BIBA members within the timescales outlined in the BIBA statutes.
  • Attend the A.G.M. ensuring that all members in attendance are listed for the minutes.
  • Take the minutes of all A.G.M./E.G.M. Minutes then send to the President for approval. When the President’s has approved the minutes, ensure for translation and addition to the website.
  • When the President has approved the minutes, ensure they are available in Spanish, English, and Portuguese? and uploaded to the BIBA website.

Any other duties that may be deemed necessary from time to time.